Xiaomi to soon launch 100W fast charger, 4000 mAH battery to get recharged in 17 minutes

In March last year, Xiaomi impressed the audience by showing how a super fast 100W supercharger turbo fast charging technology will change the way mobiles are charged. With the new technology, a mobile device with a battery of 4000mAH can be fully charged in just 17 minutes. But things remained until performance, and so far it has not found its application in a commercial device.

Now, according to a report, Chinese insiders claim that Xiaomi will be the first company to feature an ultra-fast charging smartphone at 100 watts. But there is no reliable information about which model is the first to provide this feature.

All claims point towards the next major smartphone. Therefore, some people are reluctant to believe that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will charge 100 watts. The smartphone can be introduced only in August this year, but these are just rumors that need to be confirmed.

It will be interesting to see how the company solves the issue of safety and heat dissipation. Also how soon new technology will “kill” the battery of a smartphone.

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