You must know these things about Mahabharata series!

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B. R. No one can be found in India that Chopra does not know the Mahabharata. Between 1979 and 1979, the series started, and all the street crowds would come home. No one was giving up this opportunity. Because there was no such opportunity to look elsewhere. All the episodes of Mahabharata are downloaded and stored in the Netflix, Amazon series, but in the laptops of many young people.

During the lockdown that started with Corona, the central government has now decided to show Mahabharata again on Doordarshan, and everyone welcomed the decision. So let’s get to know some interesting things about this series.

After Chopra, Star Plus made a Mahabharata again a few years back with new technology with shiny six pack models, but they could not get that popularity. This is because a few years ago b. R. Found in an interview with Chopra. They say,

The reason for making this Mahabharata is not because of the financial mathematics behind it, but because of the belief they have about the story.

And that belief is in the process of making the series. The series was written by renowned writers Rahi Masum Raza and Pandit Narendra Sharma. Since Rahi Masoom Raza was a Muslim at that time, many people wrote protest against Chopra. “Can’t you find a Hindu to write the Mahabharata in India?” This question spread everywhere. But Chopra did not come under pressure, and his choice was justified. Then Rosie was called the second diameter. He used to call himself Gangaputra.

You all remember the sound of the series beginning, “I am time”. He is the voice of famous voice artist Harish Bhimani. After a number of trials, he was able to find out what the ‘sound of the time’ sounded like, and it was a great opening tune for the audience.

Well-known actors can do justice to the characters who dominate the Hindi language, rather than the actresses, they choose people who are interested in the subject. The perfect casting was done by Goofy Pantal. During that time they auditioned thousands of youths, but they did not stop their search until someone could find justice for that character.

When no one was getting the right actor for Shakuni Mama’s character, Goofy Pantal decided to do the same. His work was greatly appreciated.

To be so united with a character that an actor has a true talent, that the character will become more famous than his personal fame. The Goofy Pantal told a story about it in an interview. After the shooting, Mukesh Khanna (who played the role of Bhishma Pitmah) and he traveled from Gujarat to Mumbai. They decided to go by train as their booking train missed them. It was night, so everyone in the general compartment was asleep, but everyone got up to see them.

Then the people gave Mukesh Khanna a place to sit, but no one called the Goofy Pentle to sit. In his writing, he was still a visionary mamacha.

Mukesh Khanna’s identity may have always been known to him as his grandfather Bhishma, but he later played the role of Shaktimaan and once again reached home with a new role. But he named his own production company “Bhishma Films” in memory of the character of the Mahabharata.

Punit Issar made Duryodhana’s character and Rupa Ganguly’s Draupadi. After the Mahabharata series, Rupa Ganguly became an important name in Bengali cinema and later became active in politics. In the unfortunate accident in which Amitabh Bachchan suffered a serious injury in 1979, Amitabh Bachchan’s movie “Kuli”, the Khapar fans threw it on Punit Issar. For a long time he could not find work in film production. Only b. R. Choprani recognized the power of his acting and chose to make him a villain. But Puneet chose the character of Duryodhana, which would be more difficult with the insistence, and gave the character proper justice.

His roles with Puneet and Rupa also led to many stories. One of them is that the climax shooting starts near Jaipur. There was a big businessman who invited everyone to dine. All were seated at a large table, in which Puneet (Duryodhan) and Rupa (Draupadi) were sitting next to each other, chatting. So the women in those businessmen’s houses took the form and said, “Do you like to live in the vicinity of Duryodhana?” And then Rupa came and had to sit in another chair, next to Feroz Khan’s (Arjuna).

The choice of Feroz Khan for Arjun’s character was also appropriate. Feroz, while being a Muslim, carefully studied all the Hindu literature and adjusted the language and formalities. He was so popular with the character that not only the audience but his mother also started him as Arjun. So he made his name on the screen as Arjun.

The series was directed by B.A. R. Chopra and her son Ravi Chopra did. Yash Chopra b. R. His brother. Thus the Chopra family has entertained the Indian audience for almost two years. But first of all, the Mahabharata will be named after this series. I disagree with the conclusion that the series was released only because it was based on Mahabharata. Earlier, Ramayana went on television, after which many God series are still coming today, but why has this series been so prevalent across India?

Many also alleged at the time that the main story in the series had been shown incorrectly. There was also controversy on television about the beheading. But in bringing such a complex layout book into the picture, the extracts of it were well-honed by the creators, who do not appear in the forthcoming historical or religious film series. Instead of falling into the trap of heroism, they put more importance on the original story. The most important thing is that they can be created with the help of the technology that is limited in that time.

No matter how much world-class animation we have today, the arrows that float through the sky in the series, the God who gives the rain from heaven, are still nice to see, similar to the original story. Dialogues, music, frames were later literally stolen in many works of art. In it, Krishna was preaching to Arjuna and even the house was framed and hung in several houses. The series, which seems so intuitive, has an extraordinary level of technical hard work, and a strong belief in “Mahabharata”.

Now, the government has decided to launch this series on DD Bharti every day from 1 pm to 6 pm and 8 pm to 6 pm. The audience seems to be responding to the series as much as the audience repeats the old days again.


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