Zoook Rocker ThunderBuds review: Budget wireless earphones for heavy users

French audio brand Zoook has recently launched Rocker Thunderbuds actually wireless earphones in India. On paper, the earphones boast an on-battery time of 100 hours, which no other wireless earphones in the same segment can match. Do they fulfill the company’s promise of exceptional on-time batteries? let’s find out:

Zook Rocker Thunderbuds: Design

Zoook Rocker Thunderbuds lacks premium and strong build quality. However, these earphones are of mild build. The earbuds have an ergonomic design and they fit comfortably in the ears. They claim an IPX5 rating for protection from sweat and water.

The earphones are stored inside a case, which is powered by a 3,200 mAh battery, and is therefore heavy. The case has a small display to show the battery level and USB Type-C charging port. The case takes more than three hours to charge through a regular socket charger.

Zoook Rocker ThunderBuds

Zucker Rocker Thunderbuds: Performance

The Zoook Rocker Thunderbuds are entry-level true wireless earphones and sound similar. For their asking price, the sound quality of the earphones is good. In addition, add-on features, such as using separate earphones for calls, are also welcome that strengthen the overall usability of the earphones. The 6mm audio drivers of the earphones are designed to deliver impressive bass, which at times becomes very heavy. The in-ear design of the earphones provides good noise isolation to filter out ambient noise. However, do not expect active noise cancellation-type quality.

An important feature of earphones is its on-battery time, which is exceptional. The earphones don’t hold much power on their own, but in the case together they sail through a week and that’s as good as the company’s 100 hours of on-battery time.

Zoook Rocker ThunderBuds

Zoook Rocker Thunderbuds: Verdict

The Zoook Rocker Thunderbuds offer a good value proposition regarding performance and battery timing. At Rs 2,999, these earphones are affordable and well-equipped for work. They can fit well if you are not very agile about sound and want to switch from wire earphones to earbuds.

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