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Review: 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 1958


Toyota successfully achieved its goal with the Land Cruiser.

The decision to introduce a hybrid powertrain for the Land Cruiser may seem unconventional, but it works remarkably well. The hybrid setup, comprising a 2.4-liter turbo four engine and two electric motors, delivers smooth performance with a hint of traditional engine sounds. It offers ample power for city driving.
The interior controls are intuitively designed and easy to operate. The shifter is straightforward, and there’s convenient storage space. The simplicity of the layout enhances usability.
The steering is finely tuned for an off-road-focused SUV, with precise and well-weighted feedback, making it enjoyable to maneuver.
Despite its off-road capabilities, the Land Cruiser maintains a decent on-road ride quality. While it exhibits truck-like characteristics at times, it remains comfortable for daily use, although freeway performance wasn’t extensively tested.
Even as a base model, the 1958 variant comes generously equipped.


While the engine noise isn’t overly intrusive, it’s not particularly quiet either.
Initial estimates suggest city fuel efficiency might not be stellar.
The rear seats, in particular, feel somewhat firm.
As a pre-production model, the Entune infotainment system from Toyota wasn’t fully operational. Although Apple CarPlay worked, the wireless setup failed on occasion.
The Land Cruiser’s substantial size may pose challenges, especially in urban environments.
With a starting price exceeding $55K for the base model and additional options easily pushing the cost past $60K, affordability may be a concern for some buyers. Notably, optional extras like the $1,440 roof rack may be deemed unnecessary by many.

Overall, my experience with the Land Cruiser exceeded expectations, despite not having the opportunity to test it off-road. While pricing may give pause, it’s evident that the vehicle’s popularity will likely outweigh this consideration.

Toyota appears to have a winner on its hands with the Land Cruiser.