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How to Reverse Image Search: Find Related Photos and Information with Google Lens


As photography has evolved into a ubiquitous part of our lives, it’s astounding to think that early cameras once filled entire rooms. The inception of the first camera dates back to 1816, with the first photograph captured in 1826. Fast forward over two centuries, and billions of images are now just a Google search away.

Interestingly, we owe a debt of gratitude to Jennifer Lopez for the inception of Google Images. According to Google, the creators of the Search team were spurred to develop Google Images after Lopez donned a jungle print dress crafted by Donatella Versace in February 2000. At that time, Google searches yielded only text links, leaving many users searching specifically for images. Recognizing this need, Google creators embarked on creating a platform for users to directly search for images.

How to Perform a Reverse Image Search on Google

Utilizing reverse image search can unveil additional context for an image. By inputting a photo or a link to an image into the search bar, users can unearth websites employing the image, related images, and supplementary information. Here’s how to leverage Google’s reverse image search feature on your computer:

Visit images.google.com.

Select the camera icon situated in the search bar. Upload an image by either dragging it into the upload box or clicking the “upload a file” button, which grants access to your computer’s library. Alternatively, paste a link to an image discovered online beneath the upload box.

Performing a Reverse Image Search on Your Phone

To execute a reverse image search on your phone, you’ll need to download the Google app. Here’s how to utilize the reverse image function on your mobile device:

Launch the Google app on your Android or Apple device

Tap the camera icon housed in the Google search bar. Grant access to your camera and photo gallery. If previous denials exist, manually authorize the app in settings. Select a file from your device or capture a photo within the Google app.

Searching for an Image on Google

You can search for an image on Google using either of these methods:

Enter your query in the search bar and select “Images” post-entry. Navigate to images.google.com, which transports you directly to an array of images upon query submission.

Harnessing Google Lens

Google Lens’ image recognition software can be employed on any image to uncover related images and additional information.

In Google Images, click the Google Lens button located in the top right corner of a selected photo — it resembles a camera with rounded edges and a dot in the right-hand corner. This action reveals a plethora of related images. Additionally, you can conduct a search with Google Lens within the Google app using your phone’s camera or photo gallery.

Google Lens may identify multiple photos, allowing you to click or tap to select the item in the image that intrigues you most.